Zerocinquantino … tortellini and melting sponges

When I visited: May 2018

Location: Bologna, Italy

Rating in the Michelin Guide: Not rated in the Guide

Dining Owl Hoot rating: 3/5

What to wear: Could go casual

Ambience: Casual, friendly

Course of the meal: Tortellini with parsley and ricotta cheese

If I could change one thing: Faster service


Zerocinquantino (or ‘051’) is a cool and casual restaurant in the middle of Bologna, where you can pick from a good selection of nice wine (we had some red Amarone della Valpolicella, which was lovely and soft) and fresh pasta. The tortellini with parsley and ricotta cheese was especially good. We also sampled a large melting chocolate sponge pudding with Italian custard and cocoa flakes.


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