Sexy Fish … eggs in my muffin

When I visited: May 2018 and February 2019

Location: London (Mayfair)

Rating in the Michelin Guide: Recommended

Dining Owl Hoot rating: 4/5

What to wear: Men – jeans or nice trousers and a shirt; women – jeans and a smart top or a smart dress

Ambience: Sleek, cool

Course of the meal: Sexy eggs and black charcoal muffin

If I could change one thing: Fewer dessert courses


Sexy Fish is one of those cool celeb hotspots that a lot of people have heard of but not necessarily visited. Sometimes places that are ‘hot’ (or that used to be hot 5 years ago) (are worth the visit because the food and drinks are actually good (Balthazar), sometimes they go off the boil a bit and maybe aren’t worth the money (Nobu). Happily, Sexy Fish is worth the price, and if you’re an Instagrammer there are a lot of photo / filtering opportunities both externally (flower walls) and internally (fish-themed ceilings).

On my first visit, we went for the brunch menu and started with cocktails (although slightly annoyingly they couldn’t do the peach martini or the Bloody Mary on their menu); my peach Bellinis were really good and the Neonach and Siren Calls also got good reviews. The cocktail menu itself is pretty funny, with each page featuring a recipe and some ‘sexy’ photos (to keep in with the theme – check out the ‘Porn Star’ page if you like abs).

The first few courses were edamame (standard but always welcome), watermelon and feta (delicious combination) and wasabi and edamame croquettes (I’m not a wasabi fan but if you are I’m sure they were great). Next came tuna sashimi (again, standard but nicely presented), the Bloody Mary ceviche (one of the best courses, gorgeously light) and a spinach salad with nuts and orange pieces.

We also got chirashi sushi rolls, miso soup and avocado and lime salad, before the asparagus soldiers and prawn tempura. The baby chicken and kimchi was a hit with everyone at the table – it was really juicy. However, the Sexy Eggs with black charcoal muffin were the best thing on the menu – I’d happily eat them again right now.

The desserts were good and an interesting combination of childhood throwbacks and more sophisticated options, but frankly there were way too many of them after that many savoury courses – they should have made each of them a lot smaller so that we had room to sample all of them. We got strawberry cheesecake (which was rich in a New York cheesecake kind of way), matcha waffles, berries with white chocolate sauce, and soft-serve strawberry ice cream with sprinkles.

Some of the staff were pretty friendly but others were a bit too cool to be smiley – this didn’t particularly bother me but others might get annoyed by it.

On our second visit, we had cocktails again (mine was the Monolith, which came in a flat dish with a black ice cube) and shared a range of dishes (4 small ones per person) which were all delicious, particularly the spicy yellowtail maki, salmon teriyaki and caramelised beef. The DJ was super-cool and the music was great, if a little loud. The service was really attentive on this visit.

I’ve given this restaurant 4 hoots, admittedly partly because I have an in-built bias towards Japanese food (which I love) and brunch and cocktails and, let’s face it, London hotspots.

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