Amarone … red wine and cicchetti

When I visited: June 2017

Location: Venice

Rating in the Michelin Guide: Not in the Guide

Dining Owl Hoot rating: 4/5

What to wear: Could go casual

Ambience: Low-key

Course of the meal: Poached egg and truffle cicchetti

If I could change one thing: Ship wine


In search of a good wine shop that would ship bottles back to the UK, my partner Owl and I stumbled across Amarone – which unfortunately doesn’t in fact ship wine to the UK, but on the plus side has a great wine bar where you can have a glass or more of local wine and enjoy aperitivi.

We went for some local red Amarone to accompany 6 cicchetti on mini bread pieces – poached egg and truffle, ham and speck, tuna, cheese and chutney, mozzarella and tomato, and salami and prosciutto.

I would recommend Amarone as a place to enjoy either a light dinner or just some aperitivi early in the evening.

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