Drinking Owl

I do not claim to be as knowledgeable about bars as I do about fine dining. However, over the years I’ve gathered a list of recommendations for bars that offer either something special in the way of a cocktail menu, good value, or just a fun place to hang out pre- or post-dinner …


  • Opium Bar, Soho
  • The Connaught Bar, Mayfair (near to Helene Darroze …)
  • Maze, Mayfair (also a great restaurant)
  • London Edition Bar, Oxford Street (near to Berners Tavern …)
  • 28-50, near Regent Street (also a great restaurant)
  • Hawksmoor, near Regent Street (also a great restaurant)
  • Bar Américain at Zédel, Piccadilly Circus
  • The Wolseley, Piccadilly
  • Terroirs, Charing Cross
  • Skylon, Waterloo (also a great restaurant)
  • M, Bank (also a great restaurant)
  • Happenstance, St Paul’s
  • Humble Grape, St Paul’s (also a great restaurant)


  • Fat Buddha


  • Belvue (rooftop of Amare Marbella Beach Hotel)
  • Summer Terrace (high up in Marbella Club Hotel)
  • Mahiki Beach (good for cocktails in unusual containers and surfboard props)


  • Longhi Bar (at the Gritti Palace)
  • Gabbiano Bar (at Hotel Cipriani)
  • Amarone

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