Hibiscus … no longer blooming


When I visited: 2013

Location: London, Mayfair

Team: Claude Bosi (Chef Patron), Francesco Dibenedetto (Head Chef), Lorenzo Palmero (Head Sommelier)

Rating in the Michelin Guide: Not rated in the Guide (used to have 2 stars (1 when I visited))

Dining Owl Hoot rating: 2/5

What to wear: Men – jeans or nice trousers and a shirt; women – jeans and a smart top or a smart dress

Ambience: Smart/casual, light

Course of the meal: Cured mackerel

If I could change one thing: More interesting food


I don’t remember much about the food at Hibiscus as it was a while ago and before I really started taking proper notes. I visited with friends at a time when it had 1 star and I remember thinking that although the food and atmosphere were perfectly pleasant, it lacked anything particularly memorable. However, it since gained 2 stars so someone on the Michelin grading committee clearly disagreed, although in September 2016 it closed. Who knows – it may come back from the dead and bloom again …

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